Owner Builder FAQ


How do I know if I am an Owner Builder?

Check the building permit to see if your name (as the property owner), is on the building permit as the builder, then yes you are an Owner Builder.  However, you don’t have to carry out the building works yourself; you can engage a builder to carry out the building works, under your direction as an Owner Builder.

If you have carried out building works under an Owner Builder registration number, then yes you are an Owner Builder.

If you have not obtained a building permit prior to carrying out building works, then you are an Owner Builder.

Therefore; If you have carried out building works (under a building permit), or (without a building permit), you will also require an Inspection and Report from Glasgow Building Inspections to assess compliance and workmanship.

Why do I need a Report as an Owner Builder?

Irrelevant if you have obtained a building permit the Victorian Building Act 1993 section 137B stipulates that ALL building work is to be inspected and reported on by a licensed building practitioner, prior to selling.

What’s the Owner Builder Report for?

The report generated by Glasgow Building Inspections forms part of the ‘Section 32’ transfer of sale documentation.

When is an Owner Builder 137b Defects Report required?

An Owner Builder 137b Defects Report is required if any building works have been carried out on the land or Dwelling, within the last 7 years, with or without a building permit.

* Renovations, Additions, Alterations, floor or wall tiling, flooring installation, window and door installations, etc

* Change of classification of a Structure; e.g. a fit out for a Garage or Shed to a habitable space.

* Construction of Sheds, Verandas, Pergolas, Fencing, Pools and Fencing, Decking, Balcony’s, etc…

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Is the Owner Builder Report required by law?

Yes, legislation states that in the case of domestic building work constructed within the last 6 years and 6 months that an inspection and report be carried out to be included in your ‘Section 32’, by a Registered Building Inspector/Surveyor.  However, with non-domestic building the legislation states work completed within the last 10 years.  If a building permit was required for the works carried out but not obtained, then legislation states within the last 7 years.

Do I have to insure my Owner Builder works?

Warranty insurance is required for domestic work only if the trade value of the works is greater than $16,000.  However; trade value less than $16,000 or non-domestic work only require a report to be included in the documents of sale but no insurance is required.

How long is the Owner Builder Report valid for?

The Owner Builder Report is valid for 6 months as required by Law.

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